“We think that after angry and desease, the noise is one of the worst condition for the humans.
For this reason we combat him” – Giancarlo Strani.

Build up  a cellar, large and well ventilated; fill on beautiful bottles to suggest with friendly eyes in spring, summer, autumn and winter evenings, grinning thinking  to that men without songs, sounds, women and wine, should live a few years more than you….”, Giacomo Bologna "Braida"
"I know the half of you only for an half; and I feel for less than the half of you, the half of love you deserve”  Bilbo Baggings by Lord of Rings 

BIONOISE® studio has specialized technicians in acoustic as per law 337/95; the team is completed with engineers ad technicians in the different operative fields: other colleague are operating on the other Italian regions.

BIONOISE team components are members of different local and national organizations and consultants on companies and public institution as well.

The office is equipped with sophisticated instruments and software for noise analysis inside civil building or outside industrial plants.

Significant experience on sound proof equipment design permits to support public and private clients on all the aspects of noise analysis and reduction.

Particular experience is reported on target range noise reduction design in cooperation with LMK (Switzerland): relevant experiences have been performed in cooperation with Pietro Beretta SpA Group.

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